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May 21, 2014

Life Changes

I’ve got big changes coming into my life. And because I have so much going on that I could write posts about everything separately, I’m going to spit it all out at once, in one sentence and elaborate later.

We’ve been remodeling our bathroom for the past month, in preparation for my husband’s grandfather to move in with us, and I have quit my jobs to be able to stay at home and care for him. 

Wow, that’s a big sentence. 

Now a tiny elaboration: 

My husband’s grandfather’s name is Bob, we call him Gramps, and we love love him. He is 77 years old, and in great physical shape, however, he has memory problems and cannot continue to live on his own. 

My one and only bathroom is currently in a state of disarray, and it stresses me out! No indoor plumbing for a month does not make Rosie a happy girl. 

I have had to quit both of my day jobs. Both. This is probably been the largest struggle for me. I am having a hard time organizing my feelings on this particular subject. Because I am an eternal optimist, I can find the silver gold lining in everything, but there are such strange feelings of judgement from me, and the world towards people who do not earn a living. I am trying to slough these feeling off, focus on the positive and be true to my heart, which tells me that this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing. 

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May 10, 2014


 If you want to get married, turn to page 364.

Consider that page turned. For I am now a happily married woman! What a year, graduated college, turned thirty and now, married the love of my life. I am so happy to say that. 

Nick and I had the craziest summer! We worked so hard, played very little, and made it through to the other side better and stronger than ever. 

I am a happy, lucky, thankful, and satisfied girl.

I never thought that things would change after getting married. After all, Nick and I have been together for 12 years, and have been living together for the past 7. What could possibly be changed? As my grandmother says, we have been playing house for a while. HOWEVER, I WAS WRONG! Things are very different! Moreover, they are awesome! If I knew that this was the man marriage was going to turn Nick into, I would have forced him to do this years ago. 

But then again, maybe this just confirms what he had been telling me for years, that he wasn’t ready, and that maybe this is the man he was finally ready to be. Anyway, enough with the personal sharing, onto the photos!

LB, my new favorite friend

Another awesome part of our wedding summer was procuring the newest member of our family, a darling 1967 Aladdin Travel Trailer, and our new Love Bungalow, complete with a driftwood sign, hand painted by a bridesmaid. We were planning on going to the beach for our honeymoon, we had much bigger plans than that to begin with, but somewhere along the way decided that a huge, international destination vacation was just going to be too much for us to do right after the wedding. We could tell we were just going to want to chill out, rest and relax when we were done. Hello! We didn’t do that all summer long! And we thought going somewhere a little more local would be nice. And an added bonus is that we wouldn’t have to stress over getting someone to watch our dogs. Seriously, we hate doing that. So the beach was our destination, and we saved up money accordingly. When it came time to book a beach house, a better idea popped into my head. If we rent a beach house, we have a week of relaxation, and empty pockets afterward, with nothing to show. But, if we bought a trailer, we could relax in the woods, swim in a river, and be alone for a week (sounds nice doesn’t it), and the best part is WE HAVE A TRAILER NOW! Nick only took a little convincing, but this I am used to. We searched for a couple weeks, and finally settled on this little guy, I talked the guy down and got is for $600 less than asking price. We took it straight out for a weekend, to see what it was like, and it was a hit. Everyone we camped with wanted a tour, and at became a really cool place to hang out. This baby is not perfect, it’s a work in progress, but I love it.

For the two weeks leading up to the wedding, Nick and I stayed at my parent’s house. This was only made possible because we had our little trailer, our own little space to crash out in after a long day of work, and get away from my parents. Houseguests and fish both start to stink after 3 days, and we could feel the pressure. Nevertheless, it is what needed to happen. 

We featured the trailer in out wedding, setting it up on the edge of the field that all the festivities went down. We set out the awesome matching rug that my mother got us as a wedding gift, added a bench and some pillows out side, and made it a little hangout spot. We left the door open so that people could look inside if they wanted. We spent our wedding night in the trailer, with mood lighting provided by my thoughtful bridesmaids. After the wedding, nick and I went back to work for a week, then it was honeymoon time. Sarah and I headed out to secure a spot on Thursday. By some grace of god, we arrived at the spot we had been dreaming of, and it wasn’t taken. Sarah and I tent camped for the night, and watched Pillow Talk and Pitch Perfect by the fire under an overcast sky waiting for Nick to arrive the next day. And nick did arrive, with our lovely vintage trailer in tow. The bad news was that it rained for 6 days, and we only got to swim and get sunburned in between downpours, but the good news was that we got to swim and get sunburned between showers and had a wonderful, warm and cozy trailer to take shelter in after. I seriously love this little guy!

When I met Nick we young. I was 18 and he was 20. At the beginning of our relationship, I needed a place to live, and I moved into a trailer that Nick was living in. It was parked on the side of a tiny house. The tiny hippy house of one of our mutual friends moms. We were young. It was only for a couple of months. It was awesome. I think of this as the place where our love was born. We got to know each other then. We went on long drives, camped mid-week, worked weird hours at weird jobs, and smoked cigarettes. Oh yeah, I used to smoke cigarettes. Anyway, the trailer we bought has the same exact layout as the trailer that we lived in. Just another reason why I love it. Even another would be that now every time I use the trailer, I will think about these ultra lovey-dovey memories, and my heart will flutter remembering our super sweet wedding and honeymoon. 

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May 8, 2014

Love is an adventure

Well, I have neglected this poor little blog haven’t I? 

But today, I officially stop! I am going to try to play catch up, and get back on the blogging train. 

Luckily I got hitched last summer (along with other things!) so I have a lot of stuff to post about.
But lets start with the best post- The wedding.
August 17th, 2013 R + N 4 eva and eva
For this post, let’s go back to the beginning, of the day that is!

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May 17, 2013

More Than Missing

I am more than missing these things, I am daydreaming about them!

By this time of the year I have usually been camping, more than once! But my crazy work schedule and wedding busyness is keeping me from my regular life. So if I cannot be camping, I can be sharing with you the things that I love and miss about it.

A camping trip always stars with lists. This little skull notebook is one of my fave notepads to make lists in. 

I gotta admit I actually enjoy the reputation I have earned as bringing tons of stuff camping, hey, I use all of it! Some of my friends even lovingly call me “Stackhouse”, referring to how I always bring a stack of stuff.

Forcing this guy to take pictures with me. 
Oh my god, I love him so much.

Camping flannels.

Views like this.

Making fires.

Happy campers.

My tent. The Armadilla.

Falling asleep to this view.

Bare feet in sand.

Old messages carved into trees.

Chilling with the homies/ Creeping on the homies.

Trees in the breeze.

My camping soulmate.

Flip flops on river rocks.

Super sweet romantic and creative surprises from my man.

Cuddling this girl.

Swimming with this boy.

Selfies in the sun.

Snuggling this man.