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May 17, 2013

More Than Missing

I am more than missing these things, I am daydreaming about them!

By this time of the year I have usually been camping, more than once! But my crazy work schedule and wedding busyness is keeping me from my regular life. So if I cannot be camping, I can be sharing with you the things that I love and miss about it.

A camping trip always stars with lists. This little skull notebook is one of my fave notepads to make lists in. 

I gotta admit I actually enjoy the reputation I have earned as bringing tons of stuff camping, hey, I use all of it! Some of my friends even lovingly call me “Stackhouse”, referring to how I always bring a stack of stuff.

Forcing this guy to take pictures with me. 
Oh my god, I love him so much.

Camping flannels.

Views like this.

Making fires.

Happy campers.

My tent. The Armadilla.

Falling asleep to this view.

Bare feet in sand.

Old messages carved into trees.

Chilling with the homies/ Creeping on the homies.

Trees in the breeze.

My camping soulmate.

Flip flops on river rocks.

Super sweet romantic and creative surprises from my man.

Cuddling this girl.

Swimming with this boy.

Selfies in the sun.

Snuggling this man.