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June 20, 2015

Summer Love


Here’s a glimpse into my life, my amazing husband after working so hard all day to clear the patio off, my little baby Margarita on my rug (usually used with my trailer, it’s getting a new job this summer), the sweetest tapestry ever, and Grandpa smiling at me. I know it’s not perfect, the patio like everything in our lives is a work in progress, but give me a couple weeks and it will be all decked out. And of course, if you would like to see more pictures of my life, follow me on Instagram here!

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May 28, 2014

Stay At Home Rosie

I’m still settling into my new life as a stay at home mom to a 77 year old man. It was a crazy weekend, with the road trip to pick him up Saturday, and another road trip to get him back here on Sunday after he took off while we slept. So we’ve been trying to keep everything calm this week. 
Mostly Bob has been watching TV, which frees me up to work on the computer. Blog posts, design work, and pinterest/ email/ photo/ computer organization has been thriving. But that all comes at a price, and in this case that is the wellbeing of my lower back, which has been not so happy since moving Bob’s bed in and setting up his room this weekend. 
Today I am dreaming of ways to change my desk and chair options to better support my back, and overall health. And here is what I have found out: I need a standing desk.
Well, pretty much everybody needs a standing desk. We all know this, but I am just going to reinforce the fact that sitting too much leads to all sorts of bad health: obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, etc. So if you have a job that requires you to be on a computer all day, you need to pursue other options. 
Let’s start with my current set up. I have a lovely home office/ studio that I set up last year in our back bedroom. The space is huge, and I have a good amount of storage space, I have a lovely large metal desk that I got for free and painted a lovely shade of mint green. But I never use this space. It makes me feel isolated from the rest of the house. Since setting up this space, I had been working out of the house some 49 hours a week. I didn’t have a lot of time to work on my own home projects anyway, and when I needed to do some freelance work, or write a blog post, I mostly did it after work. So the choice became to go work in the “office” or I could work at my little desk in the living room. So I always chose the latter. In my living room, I have a little sewing desk, it fit so perfectly behind our large sectional couch, that when I set up the bigger desk in the office, I wanted to keep the sewing desk where it was. And I still use it all the time. I sit on a chair from my kitchen table, and this allows me to strain my back every time I need to use my laptop. Yay! Not.
I should be specific and say that this is not a desk that I made to sew on, like all the cool sewing desks I see on Pinterest. This is a piece of furniture that belonged to Nick’s Grandma and has a sewing machine built into it, that folds down into the desk. Yes, there is a sewing machine in-between my knees and this blog post- right now.
So I went to the interwebs to see what I could find. And now I will share it all with you!

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