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August 8, 2017

Around The House: August

I walked around the yard last night snapping away. It’s time to share the backyard progression for August at my little hillbilly hideaway.
herb box

My herb box is still ticking away, although my hens love to eat out of it. They’ve pretty much destroyed all of the basil I planted, and I planted a lot of it.


The upper garden looks so great! Everything has finally multiplied and bushed out.

black eyed susans

This week the Black Eyed Susans have started to pop open. I’m excited about how great it’s going to look when they are all on.


The Zinnias just keep on coming. They are still my favorite, I don’t think I will ever not grow a patch of them.

kiwi blue

The Kiwi Blues are such a great addition to all the more conventional blooms in my flower patches. The look kind of like a succulent, and they’re really great in a bouquet. They add a nice green element.

garden box

The flower box that Nick built me is overflowing in the front, and still struggling in the back where my little friends aren’y getting enough sun. This is a huge learning year for me, and I think I have got this lesson down.


Something about hanging clothes to dry makes me happy. It’s basic and it works, and that is a good thing.

Now let’s check in with the animals!

11 hens

1 rooster (Travis Clucker)

3 turkeys – 1 turkey (to bumblefoot) + 1 turkey = 3 turkeys.

(don’t forget about 2 dogs, a farm dog, a neighbor dog that all frequent the backyard, and 2 cats that think all these birds are really crazy)

Total heart beats Nick and I are in charge of keeping ticking- 18.


The chicken tractor has been moved into! We are still finishing up a few things, and this front side is the only painted side so far- but the chickens are living in and loving their new home.


Nobody is laying yet, but their combs are turning red, and I can tell they are thinking about it. Someone’s been checking out the nesting boxes, they look laid in.

back side

The back and sides will get painted more, eventually. See those metal pins? Nick came up with that system and made the pins himself with a torch and scrap metal. I love how that guys brain works.


We had a little turkey trouble, one of our original turkeys got an infection on it’s foot and had to be put down. We missed the third one so much, we bought another large turkey to make the gang whole again. Luckily the turkey has fit right in with the other turkeys. Unluckily, it is not used to our way of life around here at all. The new turkey is super afraid of humans, and won’t go back in when we feed them dinner like the rest. We are having to catch it everyday, and the poor thing hates it. We don’t like it either, it’s stressful and requires 2 people. Boy do we need a net!

Now on down to the lower flower patch, with a look at Little Bearfox Farm’s tomatoes.

tomatoes 2

The tomatoes seem to be really taking off. I am excited to get to the tipping point from not having quite as many as we’d like to having more than we know what to do with.

Last week I refused to buy tomatoes. I needed 5 to make Pico De Gallo for Nick’s surprise birthday. I told myself in 800 tomato plants, there must be 5 ripe ones. I only found 4, but luckily these babies are big and the 3 and a half that were usable was plenty.


At the bottom of the tomatoes is my lower flower patch, they go to that pretty blue truck, and then back behind there is another section of tomatoes and the bee hive.


The field you see behind the hive is the neighbors property, and that is his private property sign. It’s perfect placement to tell the bees to stay on their side of the fence.


marigoldsThis patch is full of marigolds. There are so bright, they are neon adjacent. My flower guru Lisa, who grows flowers for her flower stand gave me one dried marigold. The seeds contained within it were enough for several flats. I didn’t plant them all, I gave them to my mom, grandma and neighbor. I like to share the flower power.

free wood

This is the view up towards the house from my lower patch. We go a bunch of free wood from a barn down the road. We used all free wood for the chicken tractor and have done a couple other things with it. We’ve gifted it to friends. It’s nice to have an abundance of material and be able to be generous with it.

I love that Weeping Willow. I always wanted one.


More summertime work to be done.


The grapes have begun to ripen, I’ve seen children pick them and eat them already, but they are WAY to green for this girl.

blue jeans

As for me, I’ve discovered how awesome hole-y jeans are. They have air conditioning built in! You can wear them on days when you would never wear jeans because you can stay cool in them. I picked these bad boys up at Ross for $11. That’s the perfect price for a pair of torn up jeans, am I right?

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