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July 30, 2017

The Chicken Tractor

Nick and I designed and built a chicken tractor for our flock. Their chicken hotel didn’t have everything they needed, so instead of remodeling what we already had, we decided to build something that would suit all of our needs.

We did a lot of research about coops and tractors and finally settled on a tractor. They require a lot less cleaning, because you move them constantly. And because your moving it your chickens can always have access to fresh plots of land that they will literally till the earth in with their feet while looking for seeds and bugs. An added plus is that after they till, they fertilize the soil with their poop! Put those chicken to work.

My personal requirements were that it is easy enough to move by myself, and that it’s not an eyesore. Nick and I went over many way to dress the sides of the tractor, and settle on what I am calling “full hippy”.

sketched getting colored better more color more color again putting together work station nesting boxes

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