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July 8, 2017

Around The House: July

Well it’s early July, and everything is still growing. But nothing is looking fantastic to anyone but me yet. When you did the work yourself, it looks best to you.

The flower box has started to fill in a little, and a few things are blooming. Snap dragons and cosmos have burst onto the scene.

lower flower pTCH

The lower flower patch is chugging along. It could probably use some weeding, but I am not committed to that idea.

plants in ground


The upper patch has some pretty flowers already, I forget what this purple one is called, but the lacy white one is Orlayla, and it’s related to carrots. I really like it.


Chickens are running around, growing everyday. No eggs yet, but we’ve got to be approaching that time.

bird birds hummingbird

The humming birds have been super active, and we watch the feeder like it is a TV. Why did I wait so long to get one of these?

apple tree

Apples are falling on the ground left and right. I was tempted to pick them up because the yard has been looking so good, but i decided to let the chickens and turkeys eat them. They love apples.

3 amigos

Speaking of Turkeys, they have doubled in size. So has their poop.


We’ve also discovered that the turkeys LOVE blackberries. We love eating them together, it’s super cure how excited the turkeys get about the berries as they peck them off the vine.

farmer sarah

The tomato farmers are here nearly every day.

John John heigth

The tomatoes have grown like gangbusters, and they are John John height!

farmers market

Little Bearfox Farms finally made it to the market.

vintage cart

I cleaned up this awesome little cart that I haggled for a t a garage sale. I think it’s the bees knees.


Happy fourth! I had a world class bad dat at work on the fourth, put my notice in at my job and went home to drink several large jars of bubbly water and paint flowers. It’s good for the soul.

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