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June 12, 2017

Around The House: May and June

We are loaning a strip of our backyard to our friends to grow a tomato market garden. They have done their research and development and are excited to farm 400 heirloom tomato plants in 30 varieties.

empty ground

The farmers started their tomatoes at their house in March, and they finally got them into the ground in the end of May. 

filling in It was quite the process. They tilled the strip with a tractor and then came in with an auger that they drilled holes with. They planted their leggy starts way deep into the earth, burying about half the plant.

farm dogsI helped. And by helped, I mean I watched while sitting with the dogs.

flat flats basilWhen I wasn’t helping watching, I had work of my own to do.

planting 2 planting lower patch 1 lower patch best lower patchDown at the bottom of the tomato strip I planted a flower patch. I made a little section around the front of this cool old blue truck, and planted several rows near the tomatoes. Then I raked in a few seed packets in the big empty section of dirt. Planting the lower patch felt like it was taking forever, but I kept at it, only making myself do as much as i wanted to and then taking a break. I got home from work early and planted. I sent Nick out for the night, and gardened. I lived in the yard for a while.

first planting planterThe flower box that Nick built me our of 100% free stuff also got filled in. I had an unfortunate run in with a clearance plant section and came home with several already blooming flowers that I planted all around my patio. The flowers were beautiful, but unneeded. What I needed was more earth. I still had a lot of flowers left.

upper houseI gave a few flats away, but still had hundreds of started flowers so…..

upper patchWe tilled up another section of the yard and made an upper flower patch!

Then we went to work, planted 2 rows of sunflowers in the back with a hand plow. Like real farmers!

upper gardenI planted over 200 flowers in this upper patch. We tilled it, and planted all in one day. I felt very accomplished.

chicks turkeysSarah and Chris brought over 11 chickens and 3 turkeys. We are in love with all of them. Sarah and I like to share on the mom duties, and the mom pride.

boonie and friendsBoonie got to play with his little friend Cinco. She is so crazy, but sweet and snuggly, just like Boone.

catsThe cats have decided this box was made for laying. They better not step on my flowers!

tomatoes tomato zoner tomato zoneWhile the heirloom tomatoes were growing away, the farmers decided they needed to plant another 300 plants. Yes, 300 more tomatoes.

planting dogBoone didn’t mind helping catch the tomato trimmings. I got a lesson in tomato pruning.

first flowerThe first flower that I started from a seed to burst open was a Cosmo. No surprise there.

zinniasA few zinnias weren’t far behind. These guys were early to open.

travis clickerIntroducing Travis Clucker our rooster. He is very handsome, and so far pretty sweet.

sarahSometimes we work until dark. We don’t mind as long as we have eaten dinner. Farming makes you hungry.


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