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June 19, 2014

This Week’s Essentials

This week, I cannot live without:

1. Big Love, Season 3

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I am so beyond obsessed with Big Love right now, it’s all I am watching (not that that says a lot, I watch about 1 episode per night, and a half an episode in the morning). I’m almost to the end of season 3, and OMG, there seems to be big things on the horizon. This show is so good. I am pretty much obsessed with religion, not in a OCD scrupulosity way, but I am fascinated by all different types of religion. Not only is this show all about religion, and pilgrims, but it has made me think about polygamy more than I ever have (especially since I don’t think I thought about it at all). Here’s my verdict: religious zealots are crazy, and I want a sister wife.

OK, I don’t really want a sister wife, but I can see the appeal of having someone to share the chores with, and have never ending slumber parties with (the girls, or rather women on the show do this all wrong, they need more slumber parties!).

2. Paprika (the app for iPhone and iPad)

So I’ve been doing a lot of cooking, 3 meals a day for 3 people, I feel like that doesn’t sound like a lot of work, but it really is (at least for me). A couple of weeks ago I started looking for an app to help me with my meal planning, my trusted and true way before was to sit with a notebook and recipes or laptop and make a master list on paper, and go off that. But I really do prefer to do my shopping off of a list on my phone, its so small and pocket sized, and no pen required. So I figured there has got to be software out there where you can plan meals, export ingredients and make a grocery list, all together in one. And I want need it to be visually appealing, or I just can’t hang. 
In comes Paprika to save the day. And I’ll be honest here, it wasn’t my first pick, or my first purchase (I spent $$$ on 2 other apps!), but after a few weeks, I am telling you this app is amazing. Now here’s the bomb, you have to buy it for each device you want to use it on… That’s the bad news, but it’s so worth is that I do not even care. I bought it for my iPad, this is what I like to use to meal plan, and cook from, and I bought it for my iPhone for shopping. It’s a couple bucks for the app ($2.99 per device), I like it so much, I’m considering buying it for my husbands phone so I can occasionally send him shopping in my stead, and I can just tell him the list is already on his phone. 

3. Flowers from my Mom


We had a little get together this weekend for my birthday, and I asked my mom if she would bring me over some flowers from her garden. She did, and she brought so many that I was able to split them into 7 different bouquets to put around my house. I have them in every room, even in my bathroom! You can see more pictures of the flowers, and follow me on Instagram here

That’s all I need to get through this week, we have out of town family coming over this weekend, so I should probably be thinking more about cleaning my floors than adding a sister wife, but oh well!
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