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May 21, 2014

Life Changes

I’ve got big changes coming into my life. And because I have so much going on that I could write posts about everything separately, I’m going to spit it all out at once, in one sentence and elaborate later.

We’ve been remodeling our bathroom for the past month, in preparation for my husband’s grandfather to move in with us, and I have quit my jobs to be able to stay at home and care for him. 

Wow, that’s a big sentence. 

Now a tiny elaboration: 

My husband’s grandfather’s name is Bob, we call him Gramps, and we love love him. He is 77 years old, and in great physical shape, however, he has memory problems and cannot continue to live on his own. 

My one and only bathroom is currently in a state of disarray, and it stresses me out! No indoor plumbing for a month does not make Rosie a happy girl. 

I have had to quit both of my day jobs. Both. This is probably been the largest struggle for me. I am having a hard time organizing my feelings on this particular subject. Because I am an eternal optimist, I can find the silver gold lining in everything, but there are such strange feelings of judgement from me, and the world towards people who do not earn a living. I am trying to slough these feeling off, focus on the positive and be true to my heart, which tells me that this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing. 

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